Tsuumi Sound System is one of Finland’s the most notable world music groups of the 21st Century. Rooted in Nordic folk traditions, they’ve toured extensively in 20 different countries around the globe, recorded three widely praised albums and a live session on BBC 3, and worked together with groups like Väsen and Die Deutsche Kammerfilharmonie.

Their three CD’s have received a combined 14/15 stars from Songlines. “Gorgeous textures, stealthy invention and sheer beauty”, Fiona Talkington wrote of their last album, Floating Letters (2013).

In 2016, crowds from Shetland Folk Festival to Folkest in Spilimbergo have once gain witnessed their live energy quoted ”volcanic” and ”outrageous”. Michal Shapiro of Huffinton Post saw the band live at Womex in Thessaloniki, Greece:

”I cannot imagine Tsuumi Sound System getting any tighter or more exciting. The energy is all there, plus an excellent combination of Finnish fiddle music with a rock steady rhythm section.”


Tero Hyväluoma, fiddle
Hannu Kella, accordion
Pekka Seppänen, saxophones
Pilvi Järvelä, piano & harmonium
Jani Kivelä, guitar
Olli Rantala double bass
Jussi Nikula, drums & percussion

“Tsuumi Sound System is the rock band of the Finnish folk music field.”

– Mari Koppinen, Helsingin Sanomat


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Orchestra collaboration

One of Tsuumi Sound System’s endeavours has been an orchestra collaboration project, in which twelve of their original songs have been re-arranged to be played together by Tsuumi Sound System and a symphony orchestra.

This collaboration was done with great success in 2008 and 2014 with Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen in two sold out concerts in Sommer in Lesmona Festival. The collaboration with Die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie continued in May 2015 with a concert conducted by Alejo Perez at the prestigious concert hall Die Glocke in Bremen.

Tsuumi Sound System is actively searching for new orchestras to collaborate with. In case you are representing an orchestra and interested in hearing more about the orchestra collaboration, please contact Tsuumi Sound System’s management.


Mr. Eric Van Monckhoven
+39 3312068969